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George St-Pierre Not Sure If He Will Defend UFC Middleweight Title

07 December 2017

A fight with Rockhold, the third ranked middleweight, would certainly be a step down for Whittaker, who was expecting to fight Canadian superstar Georges St Pierre in his next bout. The morning of his historic return, the 36-year-old vomited as he attempted to force-feed himself. The hospital stay wasn't due to his sickness earlier in the day, it was a result of the fight.

It's entirely possible the UFC is moving forward with that potential match-up as a reaction to St-Pierre's news that he may not fight at middleweight again. It's like, 'Oh my God, he just lose the title and then he come back with no preparation, boom, wins a fight.' I think he tried to do something that was very, very risky, but at the same time if he would have achieved it, it would have been a big reward for him. "I was trying to prove that for my fans". The diagnosis is ulcerative colitis and I am now taking medication that will hopefully appease the symptoms. "My health is the number one priority and performance is second".

St-Pierre said he has no regrets about his dietary approach to bulking up, because he did it "the natural way".

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St-Pierre hasn't closed the door entirely on a return to the middleweight division, but saying more to the effect that fighting lighter would be more beneficial to his health. In an interview with TSN, St-Pierre expressed disappointment regarding his future as a middleweight.

"We'll talk about it but I'm not sure if I compete I will go back at 185", St-Pierre said.

"They actually called me yesterday and I think that it's out that he has colitis", White said. "In terms of weight if I want to go back to compete at 185, obviously eating like I did, what I did, I learned from my mistake". I don't think it was medically a good thing for the UFC.

George St-Pierre Not Sure If He Will Defend UFC Middleweight Title