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Eric Conn pleads not guilty to escape charges

07 December 2017

A lawyer who fled the United States as he was awaiting sentencing in a $550 million disability fraud was in a Kentucky courtroom on Wednesday.

The indictment alleges that Conn, while on home confinement after pleading guilty to two federal offenses but before being sentenced, escaped from custody by severing an electronic monitoring device from his ankle during a court-approved visit to Lexington on June 2, 2017, and fled to the Mexican border.

Authorities in Honduras on Monday arrested a Kentucky attorney who had pleaded guilty to charges over his role in a more than $550 million disability fraud scheme, months after he fled US law enforcement, Honduran officials said. In absentia, a judge sentenced him to the maximum punishment of 12 years in prison.

Conn is charged along with his former employee, Curtis Wyatt, of planning and executing the June 2 escape where Conn, who was on house arrest, cut off his Global Positioning System ankle monitor and ultimately left the country. "He let people like my husband have trust in him, and he let that down".

A Honduran SWAT team arrested Conn at a Pizza Hut in a coastal city of the country.

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White said he does not know how long Conn was in Honduras or whether he'd taken refuge anywhere else.

"They were extremely gratified that he was caught.from the standpoint of he's finally going to face the music", attorney Mark Wohlander said. Curtis Lee Wyatt, later indicted on charges related to the escape, is accused of helping get a vehicle for Conn as well as testing border crossings on foot to ascertain the easiest point to cross into Mexico.

Conn was thrust in the public fallout after the revelation of a multi-million dollar social security disability scheme.

Conn, who started his law practice in a trailer in 1993, had portrayed himself as "Mr".

The Kentucky attorney responsible for the biggest social security scam in US history appeared in federal court Wednesday. But his empire crumbled when authorities discovered he had been bribing a doctor and judge to approve disability claims based on fake medical evidence. Pillersdorf said those hearings are almost complete, and about 700 have been found eligible to maintain the benefits.

Eric Conn pleads not guilty to escape charges