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Main » Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan becomes captain, Hina calls Hiten 'Spineless'

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan becomes captain, Hina calls Hiten 'Spineless'

07 December 2017

His actions towards women have been disrespectful throughout the season. Later, Bigg Boss unfreezes Shilpa and she embraced her mom and the mother-daughter duo starts crying. Even when Shilpa intervenes, Akash gets rude with her. Are Priyank and Luv growing apart? "Mere gaal ke paas nahi ana!"

In MTV Extra Dose, Akash Dadlani says that he wants Shilpa Shinde to be his wife. Soon, Vikas, who is seen sitting and talking with Shilpa and Puneesh in the kitchen area, comes in the bedroom and removes the doll that Arshi has hung saying that it will give a bad impression to the viewers. As Luv, who has Vikas' doll, shows unwillingness to make him the captain, Vikas starts plotting to make Arshi the captain and everything falls into place as Hiten, too, supports him, ditching Hina. "I have always chosen you over others kyuki tumne gentleman ki tarah game kheli hai". Thus, Priyank and Luv get into a heated argument. Hina, Luv and Arshi are in the running for the ace position and try to put their best foot forward to prove that they can be the next leader of the house.

Hina tells Luv and Priyank that now Vikas and his gang will take all the credit for Arshi becoming the captain. He also tells that Vikas is telling him that Puneesh is stopping him from making Arshi the captain.

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Few days back, Arshi had made a statement about troubled relationship of Shilpa with her mother. "6 hafte us aadmi ke peeche bhaagi thi, camera ke liye?" "Vikas hi chalaata hai". Also, an emotional twist is witnessed in the game when family members of the inmates enter their house during the festive time. She told Vikas what a proud mother she is and that he's a "hero". She said, "Aap iski dum ke peeche peeche chalte hain", to which Hiten said, "Mai dosti kar raha hun". But Hina shouts for Hiten to go. "Aaj sab saamne aa gaya".

Akash didn't like the way Hiten helped Vikas in making Arshi Khan the next captain and even calls him a loser. The competition is getting tougher and so is the race for captaincy. Let's talk about Hina Khan - who has singlehandedly managed to piss off a bunch of her colleagues after passing remarks on Gauahar Khan and calling Sakshi Tanwar cockeyed.

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan becomes captain, Hina calls Hiten 'Spineless'