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Avocado 'as big as my head' could be world record

07 December 2017

It's a different varietal called Daily 11 that's typically three times larger than the standard avocado.

Pamela Wang found the 5lb avocado on Sunday while out walking in the Kealakekua area of the island, the West Hawaii Today newspaper reported.

It's so heavy that Wang submitted her find to Guinness World Records. The current record holder, Gabriel Ramirez Nahim of Venezuela, discovered a 4-pound (1.8kg) avocado in 2009.

A woman in Hawaii has contacted Guinness World Records to see if she may have the world's heaviest avocado.

She provided photographs of the avocado to West Hawaii Today.

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Guinness doesn't have a category for "largest avocado", but it does have one for "heaviest", the record Wang is trying to break.

Wang said she picks up avocados every day, but this one was hard to miss. Instead of making a very large batch of avocado toast, Wang chose to show her discovery to a few friends, who immediately thought the avocado would be potentially record-breaking.

Guinness's verification process requires the fruit to be photographed and weighed in the presence of an expert - in this case Ken Love, a farmer and head of the organisation Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers. Her next move was to the Pure Kona Green Market, where she met up with friends and showed the enormous avocado to community members. "I think people have other ones that they don't weigh, but I think this one, it was way up there".

"It tasted excellent", Wang said.

Avocado 'as big as my head' could be world record