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25000 bugs could be living in your fresh Christmas tree

28 November 2017

It takes around eight to nine years to grow a Christmas tree, so it's just starting to hurt this holiday season.

North Carolina Christmas Tree Association Executive Director Jennifer Greene says there's a more limited supply of Fraser fir trees this year.

Bill Jacobs, who owns and operates the Owasso Christmas Tree and Berry Farm with his wife, Paula, said they heard about the potential Christmas tree shortage a few months earlier when they were preparing for this season.

The best way to prevent bringing bugs into your home is to shake it, many tree lots do this for you, but be sure to do it before loading it up.

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Our question is, what type of Christmas tree do you prefer? And because his farm ships in different varieties of trees from OR and North Carolina, he expects it will affect his business but not as hard as others.

"That is one thing that is watched very closely by the farmers", said Salesman Douglas Brown, "When they find something like that, they are treated... a lot of preventive treatment is done to them to keep them from even getting in". That's because tree prices are expected to increase 10%, according to the National Christmas Tree Association.

Nearly a decade later, those trees are now on the market, but there are fewer of them available at a time when more people are trying to buy trees, the report said.

25000 bugs could be living in your fresh Christmas tree