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Firefox will soon tell you if a website has been hacked

24 November 2017

In its present form the add-on produces an alert when the user visits a site listed in Hunt's database of breached sites. Now they are working on a new feature that will warn you if a website has been affected by a data breach, together with "Have I Been Pwned", a site that can check your email address and tell you if your credentials have been stolen by hackers.

According to Nihanth Subramanya, from Mozilla, the system has been created to act as an add-on on a user's internet browser bar.

Building notification directly into the browser would change that, notifying users as soon as an independent security service such as Hunt's becomes aware of a breach.

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Have I Been Pwned, founded by Australian cybersecurity expert Troy Hunt, will provide the data for Breach Alerts, with the website now home to 4.8 million pinched credentials from 252 separate websites.

He said Mozilla intends to use the feature to provide more information about data breaches and to allow users to opt into services that could notify them about future incidents. It's only supported by the Firefox Developer Edition at the moment. The update is still in the early stages, but you can download it from GitHub, then compile and add to Firefox if you want to test it out. So now you will know when you visit a site.

Firefox will offer a warning, but it won't prevent users from actually entering the site. Hunt confirmed via a tweet that the feature is in the works. They say if the website has suffered a breach in the past which has since been rectified by the website administrator, the website still remains on the "Have I Been Pwned" blacklist and when Firefox users see a warning they shall hesitate to visit the website even if it has been deemed safe.

Firefox will soon tell you if a website has been hacked