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Minecraft 'Better Together' Update for Switch Delayed to 2018

20 November 2017

While the new underwater update is no doubt cause for celebration for Minecraft fans, there was one slightly disappointing omission from the announcement, as a delay was announced for the hotly anticipated Super Duper Graphics Pack.

As part of its Minecon Earth event taking place this Saturday November 18, Mojang has announced that it will be holding a special event to allow fans to vote for Minecraft's next mob. Both updates were supposed to be released this year, but now "Minecraft" is saying that they will be coming in 2018.

Meanwhile, the developers of "Minecraft" also revealed that a graphics update for the waters of the game will be released around the same time as the other two upgrades. You're welcome to watch the whole thing for all the latest Minecraft news, but if you skip ahead to just after the 2:26:30 mark, you'll see some of the features that'll be introduced in the new update. From dolphins to tridents, the new content that's being called Update Aquatic will change the ocean as you know it.

This certainly isn't going to trigger a crisis for Minecraft players, but it does suggest that the graphics pack and Switch update were more than a little ambitious.

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The Nintendo Switch community will still be getting the new version of Minecraft with cross-platform multiplayer, but not until 2018. It will also add corals, dolphins, various types of fishes and other underwater creatures.

In Mojang's update, players will be able to catch different kinds of fish depending on the temperature of the water they're in, and they'll be able to create and populate aquariums for their collections.

As well as living additions you'll also find shipwrecks you can explore, and can arm yourself with a new trident weapon to protect yourself down there. "The Loyalty enchantment will make it come back to you even after you've thrown it, while enchantments like Impaler and Slipstream Dash will. well, we'll let you use your imagination!"

Minecraft 'Better Together' Update for Switch Delayed to 2018