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YouTube signs Ticketmaster deal to start pushing artists' concerts

15 November 2017

Starting today, YouTube will begin featuring hundreds of artist's upcoming USA tour dates on their YouTube videos. Tapping the shows link will expand a list of tour dates, starting with the show soonest and nearest the user.

YouTube and Ticketmaster are joining forces to make it even easier to snag tickets to shows of your favorite touring artists! If you think you might want to attend a show, YouTube will also feature a "Tickets" button that will direct you to sites for ticket purchases. The experience works on both web and mobile, though it looks slightly different, depending on the platform.

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While Spotify, Apple Music, and similar audio-streaming services are popular conduits for finding new (and old) music, YouTube is often the first port of call for those seeking a little visual stimulation to go with their tunes. Google says that it's rolling this feature out for a few hundred artists that use Ticketmaster for tickets at first.

As of today, the feature is set up for North American tour dates only, but YouTube says it plans to expand globally. Google is also still missing out on the opportunity to send push notifications to users when artists in a user's Google Play Music library come out with new songs and albums. "YouTube's massive fan base paired with Ticketmaster's global roster of concerts and security of verified tickets means we can easily connect a fan's discovery of music on YouTube to their ability to purchase concert tickets". We reached out to YouTube for more information about the business arrangement between the companies, and were told: "we don't disclose the terms of our deals". While checking out a music video on an official artist or VEVO channel, simply scroll down below the description to see where the given artist is playing next.

YouTube signs Ticketmaster deal to start pushing artists' concerts