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Turnbull cops a battering over same-sex marriage

15 November 2017

It also seeks to protect freedom of speech and enacts a narrow anti-detriment clause, which would prevent governments and agencies taking adverse action against someone with a traditional view of marriage.

There is also a deadline for the bill's passage by 30 November.

In a historic moment for the Australian Parliament, Liberal senator Dean Smith has introduced the bill expected to legalise same-sex marriage.

Standing alongside Turnbull at the press conference after the survey announcement, Cormann said he agreed the Smith bill was "a good starting point" but warned that it needed "additional religious protections".

SYDNEY == The head of Australia's marriage equality push has slammed calls for anti-discrimination exemptions to be legalised under the guise of "religious freedoms" in the event of a yes vote in the postal survey, claiming such moves would be against the spirit of the support for the reform.

Ultimately it was up to parliament to decide which bill was the "vehicle to facilitate" the parliamentary debate.

The federal government is facing mounting pressure from conservatives to ensure religious freedoms are protected if the "Yes" campaign sees a same-sex marriage victory tomorrow morning.

"The consensus position was the position that the Greens would support", he said, saying senators should "think very very carefully about entrenching discrimination to support your colleagues rather than this bill".

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"I've never believed that allowing same-sex couples to marry needs to come at the expense of the freedoms of other Australians".

Throughout the day several Liberals who voted against same-sex marriage in the survey said they would vote in favour of it in parliament, including the assistant minister for cities, Angus Taylor, and the Liberal MP Lucy Wicks. They didn't vote to license more discrimination and that is what the Paterson bill does'.

Results will be released this Wednesday the 15th in Canberra at 10am (AEDT) and aired live on ABC and SBS.

The government had promised to allow the Parliament to consider a bill to create marriage equality in Australia in its final two-week session that is due to end on December 7. But there's still a key question: if the country does the right thing and votes Yes, when will we actually get marriage equality?

The senator will instead attempt to negotiate amendments to the bill favoured by both Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Labor leader Bill Shorten, which has already been introduced to the Senate.

Labor senator Sam Dastyari said Senator Paterson was being taken for a ride.

"If the Australian people do vote yes, they're not going to look kindly on the same group of people who have urged a 'no" vote not accepting the outcome and trying to delay further, ' she said.

Turnbull cops a battering over same-sex marriage