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Trump approval ratings dip back to near his lowest

15 November 2017

While 86 percent of self-identified Republicans said Trump is fit to serve, an overwhelming 93 percent of Democrats said the opposite.

American voters disapprove 79 - 15 percent, including 60 - 32 percent among Republicans, of the way Republicans in Congress are doing their job.

However for Republicans, 80 percent approve with 11 percent disapproving.

"The president may have accomplished something in Asia: 36 percent of American voters say North Korea poses an immediate threat to the USA, down from 48 percent one month ago".

His disapproval rating just last month was 56 to 38 percent.

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An array of surveys of voter approval ratings for U.S. President Donald Trump continue to be mired in the 30 percent range, but he contended Tuesday that an outlier poll with a higher mark proves the others are wrong. But #FakeNews likes to say we're in the 30's.

"President Donald Trump returns from his big Asia trip to find numbers frozen in the negative", Tim Malloy, assistant director of the poll, said in a statement as the president wrapped up a 12-day tour overseas. "Ominously, there is creeping slippage in (Trump's political) base".

In April, Trump fumed over two polls that showed he was approaching his 100th day in office with the lowest approval rating of any president in more than 70 years. Some people think numbers could be in the 50's.

But "American voter opinions of most Trump qualities remain negative", the university's poll report states.

The university conducted its latest poll of 1,577 registered voters from November 7 to 13 through cell phone and landlines. Trump won the presidency by capturing the Electoral College, but Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 2.9 million votes (65,853,625 to 62,985,106) or 2.1 percent - well within the margins of error for the surveys he criticizes.

Trump approval ratings dip back to near his lowest