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Amazon is giving away 3 months of Music Unlimited for just 99p

15 November 2017

Thanks to that new support, Android users are able to cast the Amazon Music content to any device that supports Google Cast, including the venerable Chromecast itself. This service is available via a mobile app on both Android and iOS, and now one of those two apps (Android) now has support for Google Cast.

The Amazon Music app has been around for years and has supported connecting to a number of external devices for music playback.

The feature was first spotted earlier this month by TechHive when it was mid-rollout.

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Amazon Prime will already give you some access to the catalogue as people who pay for the service can listen to 2 million songs ad-free. It's a manual process and doesn't work with voice commands: you'll have to use the app and cast to them, but at least it's a start. Not all Android users had the ability to connect Amazon Music to a Chromecast at that point, but now it appears the new feature is official. Amazon has also added Alexa right within the app, so you can now tap the Alexa button and ask the AI assistant to find music by a particular artist, music in an album or a playlist, or play music by lyrics.

Amazon and Google's relationship over the past few years has been nothing short of an epic love-war popcorn-worthy chess battle. The US-based e-commerce giant stopped listing and selling Chromecast devices through its website and wasn't integrating Chromecast support in its music and video streaming apps. And a single subscription allows users to stream to multiple devices, notably Amazon's own Echo speaker.

But Google fired back recently when it removed YouTube support from Amazon's Echo Show. When it may arrive on iOS isn't stated anywhere; the most recent update to the Amazon Music app on iTunes happened on November 8.

Amazon is giving away 3 months of Music Unlimited for just 99p