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More People Cry in Public Now Thanks to Netflix

14 November 2017

The Netflix data also reveals that 61% of Australians are publicly bingeing on aeroplanes (the highest percentage of any country globally), however Aussies have indicated we experience major issues with in-flight entertainment.

Netflix is hesitant to release anything resembling ratings for its shows, but it did share some info on public streaming habits on Tuesday - and yes, a ton of people are "Netflix and chilling" (ugh) on the go.

Some of the viewing habits might catch you by surprise: 37 percent admitted to watching at work, 22 percent said they'd cried while streaming in public, and 12 percent copped to Netflixing in public bathrooms.

All in all, with over 109 million members in a world with over 2.4 billion smartphone users, it's not surprising to discover that Netflix is taking over the public sphere and making "binge-free-zones" virtually nonexistent.

The next time you spot someone crying on the bus, just know that it's probably because they're watching their favorite show on the go.

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More than 8 percent of Aussie's watch their favourite shows from a public bathroom.

The sample was balanced by age and gender and representative of an adult online population who watch movies and TV shows via streaming services in public settings in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey, according to a representative from the digital streaming company.

In fact, public bingers rank having access to movies or shows higher than food and water as "essential" items for travelling or commuting.

Of those using Netflix on public transport, 45 per cent reported catching a stranger watching their screen over their shoulder in an apparently shameless attempt to get their TV fix.

More People Cry in Public Now Thanks to Netflix