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Bargain Guide - Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

14 November 2017

Pokemon Go is adding novel customization objects to its repertoire in order to mark the launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. With the new trailer, Ultra Necrozma is near-enough confirmed to be a part of the game-though how players can use the Pokémon in fights has still not been revealed.

Having thought they'd pushed the system as far as it could go with Pokemon X & Y, a redesign to the handheld itself opened the doors that little bit further.

Pokemon Go gamers get access to one free set of Alolan clothes per gender, both sets reflecting the styles seen in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with its breezy tropical vibe. It might take some time for Niantic to get to Gen 7 Pokemon of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, especially since Niantic's only been adding two new sets of Pokemon every year.

They will be the last Pokemon games to be made for the 3DS, with future releases being made for the Nintendo Switch.

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The game will debut on Friday, 17th November which is about to come pretty soon.

The Move Tutor was missing in Pokemon Sun and Moon which left a lot of fans frustrated.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Bargain Guide - Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon