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Mask fools iPhone X's Face ID

12 November 2017

Breaking the old trend to not revert back to any of the rumours immediately, Apple, in a flat statement, has denied the truth of the report and has further added that the FaceID in the iPhone X will be set as the new gold standard for facial authentication.

According to a Bloomberg report published last week, Apple is working on a 2018 iPad Pro that'll take the edge-to-edge display and Face ID sensor from the iPhone X, and put them into tablet form. The multitasking gestures along with Face Recognition or Face ID features will actually change the entire orientation of the iPad, especially with the top and bottom bezels shrunk. However, reports such as this, along with the recent allegations that even the face of a sibling of a different age can beat Face ID, may start making iPhone X owners and potential customers anxious. Bkav, however, took a different approach.

It now appears all that work has been in vain, as Vietnamese security company Bkav has demonstrated that a simple (or somewhat complex) mask is able to fool Face ID in unlocking without the user being present.

Bkav claimed that it had been studying Apple's artificial intelligence system so it knows how to bypass Face ID.

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Named BKav, the security firm created the mask by combining a 3D-printed frame with makeup, and a silicone.

iDropNews has put together renders of what a 2018 iPad with Face ID and minimal bezels would look like, and to be frank, you're going to want one. The mask was created by 3D-printing the face model and then using a special "skin" material that Face ID would recognize, while the eye portions are nothing more than 2D images.

Does this mean that iPhone X owners should worry? In the following demonstration video, they also showed the unlocking of an iPhone X for both the mask and the person. However, this should concern high-value individuals like politicians and businessmen.

Mask fools iPhone X's Face ID