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Former President Obama gets call to jury duty

28 October 2017

The Chicago Tribune reports former President Barack Obama has gotten the call for jury duty in Cook County next month.

Former President Barack Obama has been called for jury duty in Chicago.

The Tribune, citing Chief Judge Tim Evans, said that courthouse officials would work to accommodate his additional security. "His safety will be uppermost in our minds".

While Obama would likely be the highest-profile person ever to appear for jury duty in Cook County, other famous people, including Oprah Winfrey and Mr. T, have served, as have politicians including governors and mayors.

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However when it comes to big names serving on a jury, Obama is far from a trailblazer.

Evans did not reveal which city or suburban court branch the 44th president has been called to, or the date he'll serve, saying only that it will be in November and he expects Obama to show up.

Jurors in the county are paid $17.20 (£13.10) per day of service and reportedly have to watch a decades-old film about their duties narrated by one-time local newsreader Lester Holt.

Obama's less than popular successor President Trump was similarly called up for jury duty in August of 2015 in NY, which he arrived at in his stretch limo and was ultimately not chosen for.

Former President Obama gets call to jury duty