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You can now buy your friends gift cards on Steam

27 October 2017

With the Steam Digital Gift Cards, players may now deposit money directly to their friends' Steam Wallets.

Steam is the largest PC gaming platform that hosts many popular games like "Dota 2", "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds", and "Counter Strike: Global Offensive".

There will be improvements for front page recommendations.

Valve is also making Curator recommendations appear in more places around Steam, including on genre and tag pages. As such, curators will soon be granted new ways to measure the impact of their efforts, to display their content from other channels, and to more easily interact with developers.

Showtime to Develop 'Kingkiller Chronicle' Series From John Rogers, Lin-Manuel Miranda
According to Variety, the Lionsgate production, The Kingkiller Chronicle , has now been officially picked up by Showtime. Lionsgate is already planning a series of films, beginning with the first book in the trilogy, The Name of the Wind .

There are several upsides to developers being able to send games to curators directly through Steam. If games are sent directly through Steam, this should theoretically no longer be an issue.

Initially, developers will be able search Curator listings by name, OS, language, or tags, and see a snapshot of each curator - including their follower counts and any linked social media "which can help verify that the Curator is truly who they claim to be". Tools have been added on Steam's website to help with this process, and make it easier for developers to compile a list of curators they want to work with.

Furthermore, video content from Curators will also be able to be embedded to accompany reviews. Curators who are selected to use the features in the update will provide Steam with feedback on the tool's functionality, and are "free to share their thoughts publicly, so you may see some screenshots or write-ups from these Curators as they explore the new features and discuss them with the community".

A closed beta for these new systems will begin rolling out today and once Valve has had a chance to monitor feedback, it will begin opening to all curators on Steam.

You can now buy your friends gift cards on Steam