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FIFA Corruption Scandal Affected US Banks

26 October 2017

A former Guatemalan judge who once served as a general secretary of the executive board of the Central American country's soccer federation was sentenced to eight months in prison on Wednesday, the first person to be sentenced in a USA probe into bribery surrounding world soccer governing body FIFA.

This is the first sentence prescribed by the judge Pamela Chen, who officiates in Brooklyn, NY on the set of the folder Federation Internationale de Football Association in the United States.

Trujillo, 63, pleaded guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy in June, and in summing up Judge Chen referred to the well-known culture of corruption within FIFA and its federations.

He is also liable to pay $415,000 to the Guatemalan soccer federation - which represents all the bribes and kickbacks he and other Guatemalan soccer officials got for the broadcast rights.

Hector Trujillo is a former judge who led Guatemala's football federation and appeared before a USA federal judge in NY yesterday.

They dispute a claim from Trujillo's lawyers that he has already endured "sufficient punishment" due to a month in custody before his release on bail, his bail conditions and the expected damage to his professional life.

He was then admitted to have accepted, with other officials, some 400,000 dollars in bribes from the marketing company sports Media World, the Miami-based, and marketing on the matches played at home by the team of guatemala for the qualifications to world Cups 2018 and 2022.

The first person sentenced in the the world soccer corruption scandal has gotten eight months in prison.

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Wednesday's sentence was far lighter than the 41-month minimum requested by government prosecutors.

Speaking through an interpreter, Trujillo begged the judge for mercy, detailing how he overcame a poor but happy childhood to himself become a judge on Guatemala's constitutional court.

Trujillo had pledged to forfeit most of the money he received to the USA government as part of his plea agreement. "Looking back, I think I was blinded", Trujillo confessed.

He was arrested in December 2015 in Port Canaveral, Florida, during a Disney cruise with his family.

In January 2016, he posted his $4 million bond, surrendering his passport and submitting to electronic monitoring.

World soccer's governing body, FIFA (FEE'-fuh), has been scarred by scandals for years.

A trial for the remaining handful of defendants is scheduled to start next month.

FIFA Corruption Scandal Affected US Banks