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Clinton Foundation announces it will not return Weinstein donations

16 October 2017

Multiple women, including actresses and others working in the movie industry, have accused Mr. Weinstein of sexual assault, harassment and even rape, which he has denied through a spokeswoman. TMZ has more details about what is expected to go down at that meeting, and it's not going to be pretty.

But Harvey is expected to make his presence felt - with cursing, screaming and threats of a lawsuit, said sources with knowledge of the upcoming showdown to TMZ.

The Board of Directors of The Weinstein Co. has a meeting on the books and we're told Harvey Weinstein's firing is on the agenda. Weinstein will be on speakerphone while he is in Arizona getting treatment for behavioral issues and sex addiction.

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Sources told the gossip site that Glaser is planning on hitting back at TWC for Harvey's termination, saying that it violates his contract.

The foundation's decision comes with Democrats rushing to donate to charity campaign contributions from Mr. Weinstein, a major Democratic donor whose favorite politicians included Hillary Clinton, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Glaser will note the contract was signed in October 2015 and since then there hasn't been a single claim against her client. As reported last week, there's a clause that calls for Harvey to pay steep penalties (and any legal judgment or settlement) for violating the Code, and another that says he's entitled to mediation and arbitration if TWC wants to fire him. Harvey is believed to be the same way, which means that the conversation will likely be heated and angry.

The source said: "There is so much crap that will be unearthed in a lawsuit, the company just can't survive it".

Clinton Foundation announces it will not return Weinstein donations