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"Diet Avocados" Have Just Been Discovered

13 October 2017

The fruit, which is being sold under the company's Isla Bonita brand, is described as having a smooth, shiny green skin and a delicate light flavour, and is fast-ripening with a slow rate of oxidation. It was discovered when 32 different varieties of avocados were analyzed in 6 different countries.

A regular avocado is plenty healthy, as long as you're not eating 5 of them at once. It's officially launching this month in Madrid -but, as of now, Isla Bonita has no plans to expand to the US.

According to the company's website, these avocados are grown under unique soil and in special climate conditions, so they have the same nutritional benefits but with lower fat content. But that fat is actually fat that many nutritionists say is an essential part of a healthy diet.

Intrigued? To be fair, avocado fat is generally considered good for you already, particularly in regards to heart health. "It also contains fiber that could lower cholesterol and help you feel full".

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If there is anything millennials want more than avocado toast, it's diet avocado toast. Joy Bauer, the Nourish Snacks founder, and nutrition expert, said that he's sceptical about "fussing with something that's not broken".

Isla Bonita's diet avocados aren't the first low-fat pre-guacamole fruit to have been promoted.

Taub-Dix has also said that she thinks "too many people are fat phobic", to the point that many replace high-fat foods in their diet with unhealthy sugars, thinking it must be better.