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McLaren MSO R Coupe and Spider are one customer's ideal supercar twins

12 October 2017

With enough money, you can usually get a supercar manufacturer to build just about anything. The two McLarens, one a spider the other a coupe, have been customised by the brand's in-house Special Operations division according to a unique personalised specification. Both interior and exterior run the same silver/red/black colour scheme, but the Coupe is finished in satin, the Spider in gloss. They feature McLaren's 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine, which has been tuned to produce 679bhp. The final visual touch is a dedication plaque on each auto identifying them as McLarens created to an MSO Personal Commission, taking them from being a rare vehicle to a unique one - or in this case, a unique matched pair. In these cars, the engine makes 679 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. The exhaust features a crossover muffler to optimize exhaust flow. The exhaust system is garnished with black titanium end-pipes for a sportier look. The carbon fiber center stripe is a shared design element, as are the rear wing, dive planes, and Papaya Orange exterior details.

McLaren hasn't explicitly said which model the MSO Rs are based on, though both are assumed to share their mechanical carbon backbone with the now-defunct McLaren 675LT. There's a lot of carbon, with the bumper, bonnet, roof scoop, rear deck and mirror arms all treated to the material. There are red accents along the bottom and on the rear-wing endplates.

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Its interior has been suitably hosed in Alcantara, with the steering wheel getting a centre stripe. The fixed-back seats are covered in a bright red shade of Alcantara. Furthermore, the MSO R cars receive a bespoke Iris screen, instrument display and shift lights, the latter presumably questioning why you're travelling so fast in something so valuable.

There's no word on who purchased the vehicle or where he might live, but the auto is left-hand drive. However, McLaren has deemed the cars to be so bespoke that it doesn't mention the base models in the model names - both cars having been named simply MSO R.

McLaren MSO R Coupe and Spider are one customer's ideal supercar twins