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College Kids Can Now Use Amazon Prime at a Steep Discount

12 October 2017

Here's how it works: when your teen finds something they want, they place the order on the app with a parent-approved payment method.

The second way has parents giving their teens monthly spending limits so their Amazon shopping doesn't get out of hand. The logic is that these teens will continue to shop through Amazon on their own once they become adults. Children can access digital content that their parent allows on their child's device but are not enabled to shop.

Setting up a teen account on Amazon requires input from the parent. That means teens can order from over 50 million items that ship for free in two days, and they can take advantage of other Prime benefits like Prime Video and the gaming perks with Twitch Prime.

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A Household allows you to connect and share Amazon benefits with the whole family. This will give kids more freedom while still providing them with itemized notifications of orders. Once a teen receives an invitation, they can create their own username and password.

Order approvals are switched on by default, so if a parent wants to allow a teen to shop Amazon without each item being reviewed they'll have to explicitly disable this feature. The teen can request the account and the parent can confirm via a text or email.

For college students not willing to commit to a full year of Amazon Prime, the company announced Wednesday a new $5.49 monthly payment option called Amazon Prime Student. And the company said kids won't be able to see their parent's credit card information. And from a customer data perspective, Prime Student memberships will open up a world of possibilities in terms of targeted ads, product promotion, and more. Everyone knows most of the benefits from the subscription service by now, but the thing that I hear that keeps some people away is the cost.

College Kids Can Now Use Amazon Prime at a Steep Discount