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Apple placing bets on LG's display for an upcoming foldable smartphone

12 October 2017

Apple's iPhone X is believed to feature displays exclusively from Samsung, as rival OLED panels from the likes of LG weren't up to snuff. The Samsung "Galaxy X" is likely to make an appearance during the CES consumer technology show in January.

It's also been reported that LG's parts division has a similar team working on internal components for the device. The Electronics firm is said to be working on a new plant in Paju, S. Korea for OLED panels and Apple is ready to pay them.

A display which folds completely in half could see a new generation of smartphones which fold open to the size of small tablets, although it is yet to be seen if such a mechanism would be compact and attractive enough for Apple's notoriously high standards.

Industry sources claim that production could begin from 2020.

Currently, Samsung is exclusively supplying panels for the latest iPhone X, the first OLED iPhone.

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Samsung is now the sole manufacturer of the OLED displays, NAND flash and DRAM chip in quantities required by Apple for its iPhones.

Engadget notes that once that once Face ID hits iPads and iPhones, it will give developers an idea that facial recognition can be used across multiple Apple devices instead of just one.

Looking at how many leaks have poured with tremendous amounts of viscosity throughout this year, Apple will be extremely careful with its steps, and unfortunately, it will have to keep Samsung out of this project at least for now.

South Korean conglomerate Samsung raked in around United States dollars 4 billion more in revenue from Apple iPhone X parts that it manufactures.

While I'd love nothing more than to see something different from Apple like this folding smartphone, I think we should be a little cautious about getting to ahead of the game with this rumor. At the moment there was mention of company being faced with some difficulty in making the final product with foldable display, if the problem does not get solve soon then the handset arrival day may pushed back. On the other hand, Samsung is already ahead in the foldable phone race.

Apple placing bets on LG's display for an upcoming foldable smartphone