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Amazon, Microsoft Join To Offer Artificial Intelligence Platform

12 October 2017

"As machine learning becomes vital in helping businesses in all sectors leverage their data, whoever makes it easiest to build the best models stands to gain a lot of business". That's certainly the case today, when Microsoft and Amazon Web Services announced their collaboration on Gluon, a new programming library for machine learning.

Further, they said Gluon code could be used to build deep learning components such as convolutional networks for applications ranging from object detection and speech recognition. Gluon now works with Apache MXNet and will support Microsoft's cognitive toolkit. Microsoft and Amazon said in a joint press release today that building machine learning models can be very hard, requires a lot of time and processing power.

"Developers can use the Gluon interface to create neural networks on the fly, and to change their size and shape dynamically", the release said. This makes it easier for developers of all skill levels to build neural networks using simple, concise code, without sacrificing performance. First, he argued, it's easier to learn and to understand than more formal neural network definition methods.

It works by providing a consistent interface for creating machine learning models using a variety of pre-built and highly optimized components. Several companies, including Intel, Qualcomm, AMD and ARM, are working with the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) project to help create a shared representation of one popular form of machine learning.

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AWS and Microsoft also published Gluon's reference specification on GitHub to allow other deep learning engines to integrate with the interface.

"We believe it is important for the industry to work together and pool resources to build technology that benefits the broader community..."

"For companies, data scientists and developers Gluon offers simplicity without compromise through high-level APIs and pre-build/modular building blocks, and more accessible deep learning", he said in a blog post.

Amazon and Microsoft on Thursday rolled out open-source software called Gluon in the stated hope of simplifying the implementation of machine learning.

Amazon, Microsoft Join To Offer Artificial Intelligence Platform