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Minnesota targeted by Russia-backed groups before 2016 election

23 September 2017

Maine's election systems were not targeted by attempted hackers during the 2016 election, according to a press release from the Maine Secretary of State.

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed it had notified the 21 states but declined to identify them Friday.

Cox says that even before Friday's notification, the state did not suspect that hackers had made any attempts to breach Utah elections systems.

The secretary of state's office also says it uses a paper-based system that lets officials examine a voter's intent and can hand-count a race if necessary.

The office earlier has said it had no knowledge of its election systems being targeted.

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"Colorado is considered by DHS to be on that list of 21 states that were impacted".

A Bloomberg News story in June reported that during the 2016 elections, hackers hit voting systems or databases in 39 states.

"We've reached out to local DHS resources as well as federal DHS resources to get more detail on what exactly they are talking about", Timmons said.

Haas says security provided by the state successfully protected Wisconsin's systems. The groups did, however, scan IP addresses associated with the Secretary of State's website for vulnerabilities. Officials are now working to improve voter security in future elections.

State and local officials balked previous year when Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he planned to designate elections as part of the nation's critical infrastructure, which meant additional security assistance from the federal government.

Minnesota targeted by Russia-backed groups before 2016 election