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GOP Scores Budget Victory, Governor Vows Veto

17 September 2017

But that hike would be eased by other funding provided to hospitals, officials said. Cigarettes would go up 45 cents a pack, but gone is a controversial tax on e-cigarettes.

Doyle said he was not swayed by Democratic House and Senate members arguments over the past week that a vote against the Democrat-sponsored plan was an endorsement of Gov. Dannel Malloy's executive order that mandates hundreds of millions in spending cuts to cities and towns on October 1.

Hartford, which is facing a budget deficit approaching $50 million, said last week it could file for bankruptcy unless the state gave it assistance.

"The brand of CT is hurting", Frantz added.

The package also includes an increase in the hospital tax. But hospitals would receive those payments back, which in turn would qualify CT for a huge boost in federal Medicaid funding.

If lawmakers fail to pass a spending plan by October 1, even deeper cuts could hit towns across western CT.

But the three members, who are known for being more moderate to independent decision-makers within the Senate Democratic caucus, all spoke on the Senate floor about wanting to see the state go in a different direction when it comes to taxing and spending. And the potential gap grows to $1.9 billion in 2018-19.

Malloy called the GOP budget "unbalanced" in a statement Saturday.

Minority Leader Themis Klarides said she hopes the governor will at least consider the proposal, which she says is a bi-partisan compromise.

Lawmakers were at the State Capitol until the early hours on Saturday
Lawmakers were at the State Capitol until the early hours on Saturday

UConn President Susan Herbst issued a statement this morning, calling the state budget the General Assembly passed "appalling to us at UConn". "Local governments, community providers, parents, teachers and students - all of them are best served by passing a budget, and passing it now". I have consistently been in favor of reaching a sensible, realistic budget - one that is balanced honestly and that continues to make progress on Connecticut's long-term fiscal challenges.

The state Senate was expected to take up the budget on Friday.

"We're looking at we told was a budget that would not be driven by revenue?" The Office of Fiscal Analysis said that it would generate $32 million a year.

A 10 percent charge on fantasy sports' companies gross receipts tied to CT patrons only would yield $500,000 in the first year of the new budget and $700,000 in the second.

The budget that emerged from the Senate includes $20 million in annual bonding and a $2.7 million payment from the banking fund that would finance a new program for crumbling foundations.

And the state's hotel tax, already one of the highest in the nation, would rise from 15 percent to 16.75 percent.

Frantz said the statewide property tax on a seasonal home will be an "unmitigated disaster" like it was in Vermont. CT now has sales tax exemptions worth more than $5 billion and Rojas added that the finance committee would identify those to be canceled in the 2018 legislative session.

Martin Looney, the leading senate Democrat, pleaded with his colleagues to vote against the amendment, saying that it would face an uncertain future in the state house and on the governor's desk.

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GOP Scores Budget Victory, Governor Vows Veto