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Gigi Hadid Walked the Runway with Just One Shoe

13 September 2017

On Monday, while walking in Anna Sui's New York Fashion Week show, the 22-year-old supermodel suffered a major wardrobe malfunction after her shoe fell off as she trotted down the catwalk.

Nevertheless, the model strutted on, unfazed.

As the Vogue cover girl closed the show in her second look from the designer's spring/summer 2018 collection, her stiletto strap on her right foot came loose, with the shoe eventually departing her foot entirely.

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Most onlookers didn't even realize she was shoeless.

Clad in a skimpy red lingerie set, the runway fixture showed off her famous figure and her oft-professed love of the 'za with her 14.7 million Instagram followers on Sunday as she took a break from a sidewalk photo shoot for her favorite snack. But, like the pro we know she is, Gigi brilliantly recovered-thanks in part to an assist from her younger sister, Bella.

This wasn't Hadid's first time battling harsh runway elements. That is, until later during a sweet moment in which all the models returned to the runway, Hadid was propped up on the shoulder of her sister, Bella Hadid. At the Moschino show in February, the model managed to keep her composure - and her balance - when her heel got caught in fringing of her drop hem dress.

Gigi Hadid Walked the Runway with Just One Shoe