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Samsung will test its mysterious self-driving cars in the US

03 September 2017

Samsung has secured a permit allowing them to test self-driving cars in California, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Samsung Electronics has joined the self-driving auto race in California with a permit from the state to test the technology on the home turf of Tesla, Google and Apple.

California has been very progressive when it comes to autonomous vehicles, but the federal government is about to make a move in this area too.

With the foray into the US self-driving vehicle landscape, Samsung will jostle with its friends and foes.

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But if you think this means Samsung is going to make its own Apple Car, you're going to be disappointed for two reasons.

Despite not disclosing much information of its plans for the testing and developments in the United States, Samsung told Reuters the permit had been secured "in a pursuit of a smarter, safer transportation future". The modified test cars themselves are commercial vehicles from fellow Korean firm Hyundai, equipped with the latest cameras and sensors. As with other technology companies in this arena, it is unlikely that Samsung will ever build its own vehicles to sell to the public, but will instead offer its technology to established vehicle manufacturers.

"The permission is mainly for developing autonomous driving software solutions", said a Samsung spokesman, adding nothing has been confirmed about test-drive schedules.

Last year Samsung bought Harman - one of the largest suppliers of automotive technology in the world alongside Bosch - and the South Korean company is now ready use that platform to launch into the automotive world.

Samsung will test its mysterious self-driving cars in the US