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Russian police arrest 17-year-old Blue Whale Challenge 'Mastermind'

02 September 2017

The student, who had attempted suicide two years ago, was brought to the hospital, after his teachers saw image of a blue whale etched on his hand and alerted the parents.

Meanwhile, another college student in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu attempted to commit suicide after getting indulged in playing the risky game. With so many young children being hooked to them, we don't know what information they access or what games they play.

The person subjected to the challenge must complete each of the disturbing tasks that help the curator manipulate them into finally killing themselves.

Union minister Maneka Gandhi has expressed concern over the recent incidences of children committing suicide because of the so called "Blue Whale Challenge". It involves 50 self-harming challenges, the last of which is to take one's life.

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"It was startling to note that the wild influence of the game is so pervasive that a 19-year-old man from Madurai had recently committed suicide while reportedly undertaking the challenges of this despicable game", he said. Blue Whale Challenge: 17-Year-Old Russian Girl, Alleged to be Mastermind of Suicidal Game, Arrested. The matter came to light after a Madurai teenager committed suicide on August 30. Steps must be taken to ban such games.

Parents have been asked to get involved with their kids, monitor the child's browsing history and link the child's e-mail or social media account with their own mobile or computer.

The administrator of the game is playing with the lives of the youth and they are aware of the exact location of the player, said the judges adding that there was an emergent need to curb this menace game.

In India, the rules of the Blue Whale Challenge seem to be changing. However, she did not finish the challenge and ended up becoming an "admin" of the game instead.

Russian police arrest 17-year-old Blue Whale Challenge 'Mastermind'