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Mini Electric Concept Previews Brand's Electric Future

31 August 2017

In July, the carmaker confirmed the fully electric version of the three-door Mini would go into production at its Cowley plant in Oxford in 2019. These units, which were converted from regular petrol-powered Minis, were built as rolling test beds driven by journalists, BMW's own researchers and private users who were allowed to lease the cars in the United States of America as part of the long-term test programme. It had unveiled MINI E in 2008 as a first all-electric auto from the BMW Group. It follows the launch of the company's first electrified vehicle, the Countryman plug-in hybrid, which went on sale earlier this year. Mini only produced 500 of them, and now, the company has finally revealed plans for a replacement.

You can tell the Mini Electric Concept is an EV because it's covered in the letter E.

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BMW in 2008 launched the Mini E, a "demonstration" vehicle developed for field trials and research. It all comes together to make the MINI Electric Concept a highly attractive, zero-emission solution to the current challenges facing personal mobility in our cities and their surroundings. Fake air intakes are in the same places as on its internal combustion siblings. It retains the iconic circular headlights that are instantly recognizable as a Mini design element.

At the time of writing, no details on performance, power, range of battery capacity have been announced. Similarly, the concept does not contain an interior. The grille and headlights have been tweaked to account for the fact that the electric motor doesn't need a massive front-mounted hole shoving air into the engine bay - by closing it, Mini actually improves the aerodynamics. No details have been given of the electric powertrain, but Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board member responsible for Mini, said past year that the vehicle will come with next-generation batteries small enough to fit into a Mini without compromising range.

Mini Electric Concept Previews Brand's Electric Future