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Trump speaks with Guam governor amid North Korea threat

13 August 2017

In response, President Donald Trump has warned North Korea repeatedly that if it takes such action, the US will hit back. The president also told the leader of Guam the threat of a nuclear attack by North Korea could even enhance tourism to the island territory substantially - without having to spend a dime.

Territories like Guam, which North Korea has threatened to attack in response to Donald Trump's constant bluster about preemptive strikes.

"It just looks like a handsome place", Mr. Trump said. "All over the world they are talking about Guam, and they are talking about you". "All over the world they're talking about Guam and they're talking about you", the clip, about 45 seconds long, showed the President as saying.

In recent days, Trump and the North Korean regime have engaged in heated rhetoric about the Asian nation's nuclear weapons program.

"I have to say, Eddie, you're going to be extremely famous", Trump said. "You can't do that with people like us".

On Thursday, Defense Secretary James Mattis said the military is ready to counter the threat from North Korea, but also said the effort is being "diplomatically led".

FTSE ends down as shares hit by US-North Korea tensions
South Korea's KOSPI fell 1.8 per cent to an 11-1/2-week low, but its losses for the week are a relatively modest 3.2 per cent. USA crude fell 0.41 percent to $48.39 per barrel and Brent was last at $51.68, down 0.42 percent on the day.

The threats of possible aggression against Guam - often referred to as the "tip of the spear" - have become a focal point of debate about the presence of United States military forces on the island.

Guam is located near several major military powers, including China, Japan, the Philippines and the Koreas.

"I think we should get more out of this relationship than what we are getting now", he said.

President Donald Trump went on to assure Governor Calvo that Guam is safe.

The president then takes a jab at his predecessors, telling Calvo, "They should've had me eight years ago or at least somebody with my thought process because that was the time".

"In time", the advisory says, "you will be able to leave a fallout shelter".

Trump speaks with Guam governor amid North Korea threat