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Letting Obamacare implode might be Trump's least popular position yet

13 August 2017

The vote against the Obama health care law looms large for 21 GOP lawmakers, including Iowa congressmen David Young and Rod Blum, who represent competitive congressional districts where Democrat Hillary Clinton won or came close in last year's presidential election. Just 17% said the Trump administration should undermine Obamacare or let it fail.

And by almost 2-to-1, most say it's good that the Senate rejected the GOP repeal-and-replace bill last month.

About 60 percent of people says that Trump and congressional Republicans are responsible for any problems with the health law. But it is still unlikely that Trump and the GOP will listen.

Republicans in Congress failed to fulfill their promise to their constituents last month by being incapable of repealing Obamacare in the U.S. Senate. Citing the "reality of the complexity of legislating" and the president's inexperience in government, McConnell said that he found criticism of the lack of progress "extremely irritating".

A majority of the public (57 percent) want to see Republicans in Congress work with Democrats to make improvements to the 2010 health care law, while smaller shares say they want to see Republicans in Congress continue working on their own plan to repeal and replace the ACA (21 percent) or move on from health care to work on other priorities (21 percent).

The Republican voter must ask his or herself this question, then: Should the party deliver on health care and, in the process, heal the divide between the pro- and anti-Trump factions or stick with the centrist establishment's thumb-twiddling, slash-and-burn to thwart the president and hand the Democrats a huge opportunity? For a White House that often seems more concerned with cementing support from Trump's loyalists than embracing the political center, that might help explain Trump's persistence on the issue.

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Going forward, most respondents said they wanted Trump and the Republicans to abandon their attempts to repeal ObamaCare and instead focus on shoring up the healthcare markets and stabilizing the law.

Trump has frequently tried pressuring Democrats to negotiate on health care by threatening to halt federal subsidies to insurers.

Overall, 52 percent of respondents now approve of ObamaCare - a 9 point jump since Trump's election - while 39 percent disapprove.

Kaiser contacted 1,211 adults for this survey from August 1 to 6 via landline and cellphone calls.

The poll of 1,211 adults was conducted August 1- 6.The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Letting Obamacare implode might be Trump's least popular position yet