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Defend Europe anti-migrant boat saved from peril by refugee rescue boat

12 August 2017

Italian officials told Sea-Eye, a German nongovernmental organization (NGO) that operates rescue ships in the Mediterranean, that Defend Europe's vessel "had suffered a mechanical failure and could not manoeuvre", according to the report.

The Defend Europe mission, crewed by "identitarian" right-wingers opposed to the influx of refugees and migrants to Europe, aims to observe the work of humanitarian organizations in the Mediterranean Sea, claiming that they collude with people smugglers.

Defend Europe previously accused Sea-Eye, and other groups, of "colluding" with Libyan human traffickers.

Generation Identity's campaign to fund the C-Star - then issued its own a statement on Twitter playing down the incident, and repeatedly tweeted that there was "no distress".

A ship chartered by an anti-immigrant group was forced to accept help from a refugee rescue boat when its engine failed off the coast of Italy.

"C-Star developed a minor technical problem during the night", a spokesperson said, saying that its engine was stopped so it could be fixed.

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Michael Buschheuer, the chairman of Sea-Eye, said: "To help in distressed persons is the duty of everyone who is at sea - indifferent to their origin, skin color, religion or spirit".

Defend Europe confirmed its ship was suffering a "minor technical problem" that was being resolved.

"This meant that under under [international regulations] the vessel is considered 'not under command'". Especially in and around the Mediterranean Sea, where refugees attempting to flee to Europe often find themselves at the mercy of their tattered, haphazard ships, torrential weather, and the actions of anti-refugee groups like the far-right Generation Identity.

"This problem is about to be resolved".

The group claims the rescuing of refugees from the Mediterranean Sea, where more than 2,400 men, women and children have drowned so far this year, is part of an "invasion" endangering the continent.

Defend Europe anti-migrant boat saved from peril by refugee rescue boat