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Zapados Has Now Been Spotted In Pokemon Go

09 August 2017

Zapdos, one of the original three legendary bird Pokemon and Team Instinct mascot, is now able to be caught in Pokemon GO.

Generation one Pokemon fans on Pokemon Go has been patiently waiting for the game to bring in the old legendary birds into the game and this wait looks to end soon. Zapdos will be hanging around from now until the 14th of August so you don't have much time.

So, Zapdos is up next.

Tyranitar. Tyranitar is a Dark/Rock type Pokemon, which, you guessed it, means that it will take reduced damage from Zapdos' electric attacks as well.

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Zapados' weaknesses are ice and rock. Raid battles, especially ones versus legendary Pokemon, can be extremely hard so gather some friends or nearby people if needed to help you out.

Once Zapdos is defeated, you'll be able to encounter it. Golem still remains as one of the most effective counters in the fight, so keep in mind to bring the Rock/Ground Type Pokemon along when you fight against Zapdos.

So, Moltres is leaving Pokemon GO, and Zapdos is about to arrive.

P.S. We've created an awesome raid cheat sheet, which shows you the absolute best Pokemon to use in 3 & 4 star raids!

Zapados Has Now Been Spotted In Pokemon Go