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Spotify for Xbox One available from today

09 August 2017

The new interface includes big changes for Xbox One users, and well as tweaks to Windows 10 PCs using the Xbox app. In addition, you can also control your music from the Spotify app on your smartphone or computer while listening to it on your Xbox One so you don't have to pause or interrupt your game to switch tracks.

You will be able to play your music on demand whether you are a free or premium Spotify user.

The app that has arrived on Xbox One looks very different to the version on the desktop because of the use of the Desktop Bridge which is basically a port of the Win32 Spotify app.

Download and install the "Spotify Music - for Xbox" app.

Thankfully, it seems relatively easy to change the music while still playing your game.

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All of your playlists and curated mixes will be available, as well as the browse and discovery features you're used to in other versions. Or check out new releases. To celebrate the official launch, Hyrb created his own playlist for gamers to enjoy; check it out here.

Search for any song, album, or playlist.

Microsoft is rolling out a redesigned homepage for Xbox Live that gives users more control over what they see. Although Microsoft would rather players use its own Groove platform, the company has collaborated with Spotify to ensure the app offers the best possible experience.

Spotify's arrival on Xbox One finally balances the scales of streaming services on the two leading consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4. You can find the play bar at the bottom of the Xbox menu to skip songs, play/pause, or adjust the volume.

The app is controllable through your phone, as long as it's connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Spotify for Xbox One available from today