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Firefox update beats Microsoft Edge in the race for Windows WebVR support

09 August 2017

You can use handset controllers, and move around in your physical space, to navigate and control these web-based VR experiences.

The next version of Firefox is going to start rolling out to users across the globe from August 8th. With WebVR support, Virtual Reality (VR) is now possible in your browser with HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift. It must be noted that Firefox Nightly, the pre-release version of the Mozilla browser, already has VR support. Support comes via a Javascript API named WebVR, which allows the browser and its content to interact with a connected VR headset (Google Cardboard).

Mozilla developers, including Vladimir Vukicevic in 2014, created the concept for WebVR.

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As the company explains in a blog post: "Once you find a web game or app that supports VR, you can experience it with your headset just by clicking the VR goggles icon visible on the web page".

It's great to see WebVR support being added to more browsers.

Firefox continues to flounder in the wake of Google Chrome, but the addition of VR, the only significant addition in Firefox 55, is part of a longer strategy to make the once popular browser popular again. If you do upgrade to Firefox 55 you should be aware that your Firefox profile will be incompatible with older versions of the browser. Firefox 55 also made click-to-run the default for Flash Player, a previously-announced step toward the eventual demise of the plug-in at the end of 2020; boasted a faster start-up time when restoring large numbers of tabs from the previous session; and let users select a search engine on the fly after typing a string into the address bar. The Screenshot feature will not be available to everyone initially, but it will be rolled out globally eventually, notes Ubergizmo.

Firefox update beats Microsoft Edge in the race for Windows WebVR support