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YouTube messaging arrives in-app to simplify video sharing

08 August 2017

YouTube is getting a new in-app chat feature that makes sharing and gabbing about videos a lot easier. Once you share a video (your first conversation with a contact needs to be initiated by sharing a video), you and your friend can just chat about it right in YouTube.

According to statement from the mayor's office, Khan also urged Google to remove a number of videos that encourage knife crime and gang violence.

The roll-out of the feature isn't entirely surprising.

YouTube's private video sharing feature "Shared tab" that was earlier limited to Canada and North America is now rolling out to all the Android and iOS devices globally.

Starting today, you can share videos with your friends and family directly on YouTube. However, it's clearly meant as a defensive move to make sure that conversations don't exclusively happen on other platforms, which increasingly have video content of their own. The videos have been watched more than 356,000 times and have not been removed despite YouTube's terms saying it takes "threats, harassment, intimidation (and) inciting others to commit violent acts" seriously.

The "share" button now includes a way to select recipients from your contact list and forward the app in YouTube.

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After hitting the send button, a new tab with all the selected contacts is created automatically wherein all the member can share their views on the video, and they can also share a new video.

They can also reply with text, emojis and additional video links.

Since the idea was first tested previous year, it seem YouTube has done little to develop it other than make small changes the display. But other than that, YouTube wisely keeps things basic here, as there's no real need for this to compete with more full-featured chat apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage or even Google's own Alto. "We're committed to continuing and improving our work on this issue and making YouTube a hostile space for those who seek to do harm".

Critics and users alike have already show disinterest in the app, which many are saying doesn't provide enough to differentiate itself or make itself more convenient than other sharing options. YouTube says the feature is available now, though not everyone is seeing it at this point.

Since its debut in tests, YouTube says it has made some slight changes to the user interface for sharing, including the way the chat interface appears to users, and it made the video stick to the top of the chat when scrolling down.

YouTube messaging arrives in-app to simplify video sharing