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TWIN PEAKS Delivered a Funny, Spoiler-Free SDCC Panel

22 July 2017

Some of the revival's quirkiest characters stopped by EW's Comic-Con studio on Friday to talk all things Peaks - including Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper), Naomi Watts (Janey-E Jones), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Brennan), Everett McGill (Ed Hurley), James Marshall (James Hurley), Tim Roth (Hutch), Don Murray (Bushnell Mullins), and Matthew Lillard (William Hastings). As described by Deadline, the panel itself was largely the sort of "it's an honor to work with such fine actors" back-patting you hear at all these sorts of things, albeit with a lot more David Lynch impressions. "It was the first I'd done since we'd come back", Ashbrook recalls.

"I got you", Lillard said. Alas, no Mark Frost and David Lynch. But then the signal comes back in!

However, the panel kicked off with a "mysterious message" filmed by Lynch, which had him attempt to introduce the panel while constantly being interrupted by things off-camera, like an assistant walking out a four story window, or a horse breaking things, concluding with Lynch yelling, "Your horse stepped on my cat!" followed by yowls and the director complaining he was being scratched.

Following David Lynch's wonderfully freaky video message to the crowd assembled in Hall H, moderator Damon Lindelof kicked off the rest of the Twin Peaks San Diego Comic-Con panel with a personal and emotional statement about what the show meant to him when he first watched it as a teenager in 1990. As MacLachlan recalls, Lynch gave him a call and told him, "I need to speak to you, but I can't speak to you over the phone about this". Naomi Watts, for instance, was only given the pages of the script that she was in, and some of the lines were crossed out to boot. She also may not have gotten all of her scenes when she visited Lynch the first time.

"I think it's weird", he said. One early highlight addressed the show's oppressive darkness, as someone asked "Do you ever crave a comedic scene?"

Several of the actors admitted they hadn't watched the new series, but planned to do so.

"I like to watch at home alone with a glass of wine", MacLachlan said.

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McGill, whose Twin Peaks episodes have yet to air, hadn't been in front of a camera in 20 years before The Return.

The actor said: "He's fantastic".

Lillard said Lynch has an incredible sense of joy and peace.

"I figured that was the end", MacLachlan said of the show's original run which ended in 1991.

"You sit in a room and someone talks to you and they put a video camera on your face and you just talk about life in general", he said.

MacLachlan, who said he doesn't know if he'd have had a television and film career were it not for Lynch, went a bit further.

"Fans have embraced it", MacLachlan says.

TWIN PEAKS Delivered a Funny, Spoiler-Free SDCC Panel