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Ben Affleck is apparently getting too old to keep playing Batman

22 July 2017

Affleck had been signed on to write, direct and star in The Batman, the first stand-alone movie for the Caped Crusader since the new DC Movie Universe kicked off, and the first since Bale hung up the cowl in The Dark Knight Rises.

"Maybe Tom Cruise could pull that off but Affleck's body hasn't exactly been a temple", the Hollywood Reporter said. A report broke earlier today that WB could be transitioning Affleck out of the Batman role due to his age and future plans for a trilogy of Batman films.

"Master Bruce", Alfred will presumably say, "Your plastic surgery seems to have made you into an entirely new man!"

Campea added: "If they do not let him out of being Batman, [then] the stand alone Batman film that ultimately happens, will be the last time we see Affleck as Batman, because he apparently wants out". It is likely that Warner Bros. or Affleck himself (or both), are unimpressed with current line-up DC films.

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Meanwhile, Collider points out that Affleck's role in the DC comics series may be written out by the end of the November release of "Justice League", which is now undergoing extensive reshoots under the direction of Joss Whedon, who stepped in after original director Zac Snyder left the production for personal reasons. Affleck is 45 now, and the plan for these movies would keep him suited up through his mid-to-late 50s.

Affleck could be out of the picture completely, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In any case, we'll see Ben Affleck back in the Batsuit later this year, when #JusticeLeague hits theaters on November 17, 2017. But with director Matt Reeves starting work on The Batman and the DCEU moving full speed ahead, we figured we'd offer up some choices and put it to a vote-if Affleck does exit, who should take up the cape and cowl? So that begs the question, should Ben Affleck continue in his role as Batman after Justice League?

Comparatively, the rest of the Justice League are much younger, ranging from Jason Momoa's Aquaman (37) to The Flash's Ezra Miller (24).

This news comes as little surprise, as Affleck's dissatisfaction with the role has been a topic of discussion for months. He was also to star again as the iconic DC Comics hero. We have exclusive interviews with the cast of Dunkirk including Harry Styles and Barry Keoghan, comedy troupe Shifts are taking off Love Island, Kymann and Joe are breaking world records, and we get a first peek at The Great Irish Wake-Off!

Ben Affleck is apparently getting too old to keep playing Batman