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Zendaya chats female icons, the importance of empowerment and Spider-Man: Homecoming

08 July 2017

In Holland's first cameo in last year's "Captain America: Civil War", he's already a local hero and his back-story about the radioactive spider isn't really even mentioned.

Those of us who loved watching that "ancient" cartoon TV channel Fox Kids, remembers that among other series, the Spider-Man cartoon was broadcasted nearly every evening.

Presumably, Watts has learned from the mistakes of the previous incarnations of Spider-Man and has chose to keep its villains around for more than just one feature.

Tom Holland recently confirmed that there will be a new Spider-Man trilogy, with each movie believed to take place during one year of his high school career, since Spider-Man: Homecoming takes place during Peter's sophomore year.

After the company founded by Martin Goodman and presided by Stan Lee bought back the image rights, they made a decision to integrate Spider-Man into the Avengers universe.

Unlike the two previous big screen Spider-Man incarnations, "Homecoming" pretty much skips over Peter Parker's origin story. While they're Spider-man movies with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were financially successful, they seemed to miss capturing the essence of Peter Parker/Spider-man. Imagine right now you found out your best friend was a superhero, how would you act? In Homecoming's climactic battle, on the other hand, the hero and villain are easily matched, and in the sky, Spider-Man's web slinging is almost useless. I don't know, but it will force us to do something unique.

"It's all true", he added, joking about his having a big entourage with him at all times. "I had a word with Anthony".

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Indeed, Holland stole Mackie's classic line on set, "Cut the check", which means he has done his best take and the crew can move on. He's just an excited kid who filmed the whole adventure and ever since has been thirsting for more Avengers action.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming's" producers are Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal.

Like many fictional characters, Spidey gets a most helpful sidekick and one who knows his secret identity. Their discussions after Ned finds out his secret are awesome. We will check them for you Monday morning on "Good Morning Richmond".

Although packed with new gadgets, the suit Spidey sports at the start of Homecoming mirrors the webbed red and blue design from the hero's first comic appearance.

The MCU promised to focus on some lesser-known Spider-Man villains, and the inclusion of Toomes, the Tinkerer, and Shocker certainly lived up to that. Tony several times in the film makes reference that he sounds like "his dad" when talking to Peter and there are actually some truly poignant moments of reflection there leading to a great scene between the two after the big second act action sequence on the Staten Island Ferry.

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Zendaya chats female icons, the importance of empowerment and Spider-Man: Homecoming