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Main » Turkey's Erdogan decries isolation of Qatar as 'inhumane', like a 'death penalty'

Turkey's Erdogan decries isolation of Qatar as 'inhumane', like a 'death penalty'

26 June 2017

The comments were in reaction to remarks by Qatar Airways' chief executive that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were violating worldwide law by shutting out Qatari flights.

Qatar, for its part, strenuously denies the accusations, calling the moves to diplomatically isolate it as "unjustified".

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on Monday called upon the government to play mediatory role in ending the current standoff between Qatar and Gulf states.

"This decision was made in conformity with Islamic precepts that call for solidarity and mutual aid between Muslim people, notably during this holy month of Ramadan", the Moroccan foreign ministry statement said.

"It is impossible to confidently predict how the situation will develop, for how long the "Qatar ban" will remain in place and whether any further restrictions will be implemented", said Rania Tadros, managing partner with law firm Ince & Co Dubai.

Erdogan dubbed the Saudi-led actions as tantamount to a "death penalty" imposed on Qatar, which he said was the target of a defamation campaign.

Doha has said the severing of trade and transport ties are hurting the country's inhabitants.

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Erdogan urged the king of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, to take a leading role in resolving the ongoing Gulf crisis with Qatar.

Erdogan said Qatar had fostered stability and was a key actor in fighting the "Islamic State" (IS).

As the worst crisis in the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council enters a second week, Qatar and its opponents are pushing ahead with separate campaigns to court USA public opinion.

The only flight avenue open at present is through Iranian airspace.

Al-Thani, also told the Qatar-funded channel that Qatar had a one-year reserve of primary materials needed for major construction projects.

A week in to the unprecedented blockade of Qatar by its neighbours, there is little sign of progress towards a resolution.

If Qatar and Saudi Arabia continued to fight over this, there is real fear the Syrian Resistance fighters, who are also fighting ISIS, may not receive the funding they need to continue.

Turkey's Erdogan decries isolation of Qatar as 'inhumane', like a 'death penalty'