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Passengers told to 'say a prayer': Perth AirAsia flight turned around

26 June 2017

The plane departed just before 7am (WST) on Sunday for Kuala Lumpur but the pilot identified a "technical issue" and made a decision to return to Perth, a Perth airport spokesman said.

One person posted a video of the plane shaking on Instagram, where the user @maesaya wrote, "I thought I might die".

Passenger Sophie Nicolas described the terrifying ordeal, saying she could tell it was "really bad" judging by the cabin crew's reaction.

Stevens and friend Mitch Jamieson were on their way to Myanmar for a holiday.

In an incident involving an AirAsia flight, the pilot urged passengers to pray due to a "technical issue". Flight D7237 landed safely after a few harrowing moments.

A Perth Airport spokesman said, "The pilot identified a technical issue with the engine".

Mr Parry said the most frightening time was the minutes the passengers were in the brace position as the plane came in to land, as they could not see what was happening.

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The AirAsia flight was bound for Kuala Lumpur when it had to turn around 90 minutes into the flight. Twin-engine aircraft like the A330 are created to fly and land safely with only one engine operating.

"Of course we were a bit anxious but at the end of the day ... we safely landed".

"It was really shaky, very scary", the passenger, Damien Stevens, said, according to CNN.

Another passenger said the pilot warned them the return journey would be slower because they had the power of only one engine and to limit the shuddering.

"Passengers were attended to by our ground staff upon landing and were provided with all necessary assistance", AirAsia said in a statement.

Sunday's incident, however, appears to have been unrelated to those issues.