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Blood centers to celebrate World Blood Donor Day on Wednesday

26 June 2017

The video is a wacky take on blood donation wherein two packets of blood are shown involved in the act of love- making. People in the country are still in the dark about blood donation.

Employees of the network provider and LUTH workers led the blood donation campaign to bring relief to patients while calling on Nigerians to voluntarily and freely donate their blood to save the lives of others.

The 2017 World Blood Donor Day has as its theme what can I do, how can I help and the slogan is give blood, give now, give often.

Beside all the heathy benefits that we obtain by donating blood, we also get the powerful benefit psychologically by helping the one in need.

They want to remind people they have an office open six days a week.

"Blood is the most precious gift that someone can offer".

Hannah Rollings who donated blood for the first time said it is a small price to pay to save somebody's live. Just 20 minutes of your time and 250 ml blood can make the difference between life and death. Post the collection of blood, the staff will ensure its delivery to the respective blood banks. Emergencies increase the demand for blood transfusion and make its delivery challenging and complex.

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Rao too offered his support after holding consultations with his party colleagues. He is expected to meet Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sugandhi of AS Raja Blood Bank said, "Twenty years ago we had a shortage of about 60 % and now we are running short by 40 %. Being it's World Donor Day, I said I have an opportunity to thank the donors of Hawaii that (because) you donated blood, I am standing here", she said.

"The need for blood is ongoing".

You should not be suffering from any infectious (such as a cold or flu) or chronic diseases (such as diabetes).

Speaking during the event, Head of Haematology Unit, LUTH, Dr. Titilola Adeyemo appreciated Airtel's continued partnership with the institution in raising awareness about blood donation. There's a powerful need for blood of all types and there's rarely enough of it to go around. It is because of these heroes, that we believe life will be given a better chance. Somehow they arranged for it.

A life may depend on a gesture from you, a bottle of Blood.

Seidler joked saying donating can be compared to getting regular oil changes for your vehicle.

Blood centers to celebrate World Blood Donor Day on Wednesday