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Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader

25 June 2017

At some point Democrats will need to start actually winning seats though, and if they can't do that, then all the money in the world won't matter.

"I thrive on competition", Pelosi said on Thursday, defying calls for her ouster from some members of her own party after Democratic candidates lost a hotly contested Congressional race in Georgia and another race in SC earlier in the week, the third and fourth such losses for Democrats in special elections to replace the appointees of President Donald Trump this year.

Despite calling Pelosi a "historic figure" and "prolific fundraiser", the Texas congressman also questioned whether her fundraising efforts were really worth it.

Vela supported Pelosi when Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan challenged her for the top leadership position after the 2016 election.

Pelosi certainly has her problems - this is one of the few things Republicans and Democrats can agree on.

There's also the fact that she is, undeniably, a liability for the party at this point. Republicans-and some Democrats-are playing the blame game and their fingers are pointed at Nancy Pelosi.

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez spoke Friday at the Texas AFL-CIO Convention in Houston, where he blamed Democrats' loss in the Georgia sixth district special election on gerrymandering.

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And Rice backed Pelosi in last year's leadership fight. She reminded her party that despite these losses in red states, various data points suggest the Democratic party is still poised for a substantial 2018 surge.

"What good are they even?" He's referring to Pelosi pointing out that it's hardly time for Democrats to panic, that contrary to media narratives, they're not doing too shabby, at all.

The main argument against Pelosi from her Democratic detractors is that more than 30 years in Washington and hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads against her have taken their toll when it comes to public opinion. "Wonder what all those women have in common, oh that's right it's being women". "My leadership is recognized by many around the country". They just don't know how to make it happen.

"We should stop talking about Trump all the time, and Russian Federation".

It's a tale as old as time. "If elected, I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker".

After all, are there legitimate reasons to be critical of Pelosi? I'm a strategic, politically astute leader. Democrats would be wise to think twice before driving her out prematurely, and give in so easily to a tide of sexist hatred.