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Rosenstein Says He Wouldn't Fire Special Counsel Without Good Cause

25 June 2017

During an NBC interview days later, Trump admitted that his frustration over the ongoing Russian Federation probe played a role in his decision to fire Comey.

White House staffers made a concerted effort to talk Trump down from ordering that Mueller be fired, the paper said.

"I'm confident that he has full confidence", Rosenstein said.

With few exceptions, Trump's allies are urging him not to move to dismiss Mueller, which would be both politically and technically complicated.

Asked in a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing if there was any cause to fire Mueller, Rosenstein flatly replied: "No".

When Ruddy declined, Spicer issued his own statement.

CNN cited a source close to Trump as saying the president was "being advised by many people" to not fire Mueller, who led the Federal Bureau of Investigation between 2001 and 2013.

'With respect to this subject, only the President or his attorneys are authorized to comment'.

"I think it would be a mistake to fire Mueller, but I also think the basis of his investigation is flim-flam", he said.

The speaker listed the policy issues that congressional Republicans were focused on like a bill on the House floor this week to improve accountability for veterans' health care, telling reporters, "We are focused on solving people's problems".

Terror attack at Brussels station
The incident led to large crowds of "people running in every direction", according to one witness who contacted broadcaster RTL. According to well informed sources, there are about 800 suspected jihadists in Belgium, 450 in Brussels , and 85 in Molenbeek.

"There is no secret plan that involves me", Rosenstein said.

Yesterday, a close confidant of Trump, Newsmax website chief executive Chris Ruddy, said following a White House visit that the president is considering firing Mueller.

Said Ryan: "I know Bob Mueller". "I don't give the benefit of the doubt to somebody who could only hire Democrats but claims we ought to trust him". "It wouldn't matter to me what anybody said".

"I think there's very serious questions about Director Mueller running the special prosecution of the president", Ruddy said Tuesday on MSNBC's "For the Record with Greta Van Susteren".

"I think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel".

"I don't think donations are disqualifying at all, but if you represented the Clinton Foundation or Mrs. Clinton herself, that would be a bit disturbing", Graham said. "They have had a lot of fumbles". "Could we have as many pro-Trump lawyers as we have anti-Trump lawyers?" Trump surrogates like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich don't believe Trump would take such an explosive step.

Rosenstein said he was the only Justice Department official who could dismiss Mueller because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from oversight of the Russian investigation because of his staunch support of Trump during the campaign and later revelations that he had met twice with Russia's ambassador to Washington.

The pressing question of whether the president even has the authority to fire Mueller was addressed early Tuesday morning as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before a different senate committee.

"This is an illegitimate special council", Ruddy said.